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Unique to Adelaide, our cocktail gateaux are ideally sized for a single serve. They pack all the deliciousness and flavour of full-sized cakes into a baby gateau that tastes as good as they look. Bulk and wholesale orders welcome, let us cater your cakes for your next corporate event or function.

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  • COCKTAIL GATEAUX Boxed 12 (click MORE DETAILS to choose your flavours)

    Ideal for corporate, event and large functions. Our speciality cocktail gateaux are uniquely crafted connoisseur cakes that will delight the palate. Available in a variety of flavours. Our boxed quantities can be mixed and matched to your liking. We'll be in touch to confirm your order and flavours.

    ***Please note we require a minimum quantity of 3 cocktail cakes of any one flavour.***

    Cocktail Cakes Box of 12

    Flavours available.

    Blood Orange - A Delicate blood orange mousse topped with a tangy blood orange topping

    Lemon Cheese Mousse - A light Cheese cake topped with a thin layer of lemon curd

    Lemon & Lime Mousse - A tangy sweet flavoured mousse decorated with a tarty lime topping

    Nutella Mousse - An exquisite praline mousse

    Wildberry Mousse - A  refreshing berry dessert topped with a strawberry glaze

    Tirami-Su - A mascarpone mousse centred with a sponge soaked espresso coffee liquor

    Mango Mousse - A soft Mango flavoured mousse

    Blueberry & white Chocolate Mousse- This Mousse combined with a lightly scented florally blueberry salsa compliments the white chocolate beautifully

    White Chocolate Mousse - For the lovers of white chocolate

    Salted Caramel - A light milk chocolate mousse centred with a soft salted caramel

    Chocolate Mousse - A classic Chocolate Mousse for any one that adores chocolate

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